With worries about pain to stressing about a potential mess

No actions. No dancing bears. Just me and the world. I won’t deny Grant his genius and he was the commanding officer so deserves every the credit regardless of who’s idea it was because Grant allowed it. Same as Lincoln. With both that March and Sherman’s march to the Sea, a lot of people were […]

And Gordon Hayward earlier this fall

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We battled through and liberated Ranville

“It’s something we all wanted,” Lennon said. “We’re bitterly disappointed. But we still have a lot to play for. A seaside cottage garden favorite that thrives in our mild Pacific Northwest climate, hydrangeas lend themselves to naturalistic as well as more formal plantings. A hedge of Hydrangea arborescens ‘Annabelle’ smartly edged in clipped boxwood is […]

This was no ordinary trip, no jaunt to 7 11 to pick up a

Thank you all for the advice. I’ve been slowly calming down as you’ve been answering my questions and now I’m just distracting myself with tv shows and homework sex toys, lol. Skyping with my gf also provides more relief. Ask any woman and most will admit that they usually need to have some clitoral or […]

2015, Shane Ray, Garcia, Doss and Siemian all improved since

If the show plays its cards right, I think I could see myself loving her as much as the rest of the cast, but only time will tell. Otherwise, the fight with Blood Breed Zoolander or whatever looked cool, but it lacked the emotional oomph I’m used to from Blood Blockade Battlefront. I know that’s […]

Cyclist violently head butts man after nearly crashing into him

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